YSTRAL Jetstream Mixer – Constant product quality during mixing


The predominant mixing principle

An effective micro and macro mixing is mandatory to achieve a consistent quality of a product in a variety of applications. The YSTRAL Jetstream Mixer fulfils all the requirements that are necessary for a completely and homogeneous mixture in a vessel.
Therefore, economy, optimised mixing efficiency and simple handling are not compromised.

The essential advantages:
• Effective micro and macro mixing of the complete contents in the vessel without air induction
• Complete material exchange over all the levels due to a vertical mixing effect
• The applied energy is converted up to 90% in a vertical stream – no rotation of the contents in the vessel
• Even heavy sediments are suspended by the directed stream
• No free running shaft and mixing tools
• No Vortex is formed, no air is introduced
• Installation to the vessel from top, bottom, side or mounted on a moveable lift
• For open vessels, no special fixing devices are required

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