YSTRAL Conti-TDS – No. 1 in powder wetting


Induction of powder, wetting and dispersing – with the YSTRAL Conti-TDS

Dust- and loss-free powder container emptying, powder transporting and then wetting and dispersing down to a complete des-agglomeration are realised within a single machine – the YSTRAL Conti-TDS.
Powders are not only wetted but dispersed into a liquid under vacuum. The formation of agglomerates is avoided. Higher efficiency incorporation of the raw materials and a better quality of the products are the natural result.
The combination of processing steps in one machine results in an enormous potential for process rationalising.

The essential advantages:
• Production times are minimised
• Partial processing steps are completely eliminated
• Cost of production is reduced
• Clean process due to dust- and loss-free powder induction, even for difficult to wet, sticky or dusty powders
• Induction and dispersing of powders directly from silo (with intermediate buffer), Big Bag, hopper, sack, barrel, etc.
• No adhesion to the vessel or installed components
• Fast and reproducible adjustment of the products due to an immediate and complete incorporation of the raw materials
• No induction of false air – powder transportation under vacuum in the dense phase


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