VIBREX® Conveyor Belt Cleaner


VIBREX® Conveyor-belt scraper for keeping conveyor-belt systems clean.

These are the ideal elements for belt cleaning. Individuall spring-mounted, wear-resistant scrapers are pressed flexibly against the conveyor-belt. They continually adapt to the belt surface and to wear. This results in a very long life and long-term effective cleaning. In addition, the surface of the conveyor-belt is extremely well protected. Conveyor-belts mostly wear out because of bad scrapers.

Product features:

For extremely dirty belts and high-performance, the VIBREX®-DUAL scraper system’s combination of front and main scrapers produces the best effect. Spring blades and head scrapers are used for reverse belts, severe material caking and narrow spaces. Assembly and tension devices of simple clamping attachments for axles made of aluminium, steel and stainless steel to pneumatic vertical and torsion tension systems ensure fast assembly, good adjustability and simple maintenance. Polyurethane brushes, plough scrapers and a range of scraper variations enhance the tried-and-tested VIBREX® programme. VIBREX® scrapers are reasonably priced and effective. They are important elements of equipment for both plant manufacturers and operators.

Areas of application:

Conveyor-belts in lignite and hard coal mining, power plants, cement works, gravel, stone and sand pits, foundries, aluminium works, lead and steel works, harbour warehouse operations, chemical works, water and sewage plants, refuse incineration plants and in the wood and metal processing industries.






The "SOLIDS on Tour" concept

Until the next SOLIDS Dortmund we continue to work on our concept “SOLIDS on Tour“.

With two new SOLIDS RegioDays in Chemnitz and Karlsruhe as well as the
SOLIDS & RECYCLING OnlineDays, we would like to offer the bulk solids and recycling industry business platforms for a joint exchange also in 2021.