29 - 30 March 2023
Messe Dortmund

Trade show for granules, Powders and Bulk Solids Technologies

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T&B electronic GmbH

Spark Extinguishing Systems

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In many manufactoring industries, the processing of various materials can lead to the formation of glowing, hot particles or sparks. Particularly vulnerable areas are amongst others, Shredders, presses, grinders, sanding machines, dryers and many more. By the mechanical crushing and / or the large heat formation with these processes, the main risk lies in particular in mechanical crushing. Often, these machines are pneumatically exhausted via filters or cyclones. In order to prevent fires and explosions, spark extinguishing systems must be used. The systems reliably detect both sparks and smoldering particles and efficiently extinguish the affected particles with a fine water spray without affecting the production process.


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