Screw Conveyor


Sodimate’s CS screw conveyor is designed to transport bulk powder material between two points without altering feed accuracy or damaging product particles.

The screw conveyors are shaftless (”pigtail”) and can easily be bent through a flexible pipe (UMHW) to access difficult-to-reach places. This simple design reduces maintenance operation while providing highly efficient performance. Screw size and length are selected according to the type of material to be conveyed, and standard length ranges from 1-60 ft. The conveyors can extend up to 100ft and can be installed at any inclination angle from horizontal to vertical.

The screw conveyors are often used to transport sludge and grit and are designed to be paired with Sodimate’s MBV sludge mixer. They can also be used to collect grit from slakers, classi­fiers and screens.


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