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    DSE-HIE: Future-Proof, EHEDG-Compliant Weighing Electronics

    The innovative Digital Sensor Electronics (DSE) is ideal for use in highly dynamic and automated weighing applications. The signals provided by analog load cells are digitized and can be output in line with all common industrial Ethernet protocols (PROFINET RT/IRT and EtherCAT) via the integrated multi-protocol unit. The Ethernet interface and simple installation close to

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    Glatt PHOS4green technology: Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ashes and convertion into standardized fertilizer

    Glatt PHOS4green technology is a groundbreaking waste-free process that recycles the phosphorus from ash to produce ready-to-use high-quality fertilizers. In the first step of the two-stage “PHOS4green” process, a suspension is produced from the phosphate-containing ash, a mineral acid and, depending on the objective, other components. The suspension is then spray granulated in the fluidised

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