Patentierte Nassregenerierung für Wasserglas gebundene Formstoffe

Durch die fortlaufende neue Einordnung in immer höhere Deponieklassen wird die Entsorgung von Altsand um so bedeutender für Gießereien. Mit unserer ersten weltweiten patentierten Nassregenerierung für wasserglas gebundene Formsande bieten wir eine energiesparende und hoch effiziente Sandaufbereitung. Wir gewährleisten: • Bis zu 60% Energieeinsparung • 90% Festigkeiten vs. Neusanden • 98% Fließfähigkeit vs. Neusanden • …

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seal-IT is an innovative, patented product for in-process bulk material storage.

Keep bulk material safely clean! – Universal: available for every bulk material container – For multiple machine loading with up to three openings for suction pipes – Selectable: diameter of the openings between 30 and 80mm – Can be made of different materials – Grounded against static charge – Space-saving: cover is foldable – Optional: …

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Refining Plant

Panizzolo Recycling’s refining plant entails the use of patented hammer mills of the RAF-M and RAF-F series, high-performance and highly productive systems that can simultaneously process steel and inert materials that cause wear, during both metal waste grinding and granulation. Our hammer mills are patented machines, the only ones of their kind on the market, …

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Bulkbag loader

The new Bulk Bag Loader made by BFM®: combining the well proven BFM® snap mechanism with an inflatable sleeve filling your bigbags will be a breeze: snap in the BFM® Bulk Bag Loader into the BFM® spigot, slide the big bag filling hose over it, inflate – start filling. Clean, quick and safe.

Belt Feeders Unit (Type DB)

Our belt feeders unit in U-profile design is available in the belt widths of 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1400 mm with center distances from 1 to 3 m. This conveyor system is used especially for heavy bulk materials in the pit and quarry industry. Our conveyors of type DB are available in a …

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Spiral Conveyors

– High capacity (up to 500 m³/h) – Reliable products and few moving parts – Minimum of maintenance are – Energy efficient – Enclosed, safe and dust free environment with a low noise level – Convey materials 25 meters vertically without reloading

Glatt PHOS4green technology: Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ashes and convertion into standardized fertilizer

Glatt PHOS4green technology is a groundbreaking waste-free process that recycles the phosphorus from ash to produce ready-to-use high-quality fertilizers. In the first step of the two-stage “PHOS4green” process, a suspension is produced from the phosphate-containing ash, a mineral acid and, depending on the objective, other components. The suspension is then spray granulated in the fluidised …

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rotary valve

VKT technology for ROTARY VALVES consists of integrated wear protection INFINITE SHIELD. The wetted surface is completely protected against wear. The ROTARY VALVE may also be coated with INFINITE SHIELD or welded on hard. Housing and rotary star are grinded with precision to measure and thus ensure a very good air seal and long life.

Top Mounted Filter unit BAF

BAF Top Mounted Filter Unit with DELA Cleaning System Experience the next generation in dedusting technology! Die sehr kompakte Bauweise in Kombination mit neuartiger Abreinigungstechnik. die neben der effizienten Reinigung auch ein Höchstmaß an Energieeinsparung ermöglich, macht den Bandaufsatzfilter BAF mit DELA Cleaning System zu einer überzeugenden Brancheninnovation. Optimised Filtration • Extremely compact design • …

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Universal Granulator XG2400

THM‘s Universal Granulator XG is used for single-stage shredding of a variety of different materials. Whether wood, RDF, cable scrap, electronic scrap, metals or other materials, the universal granulator XG performs brilliantly. Thanks to the large inlet opening, the Universal ranulator can shred very large and bulky parts to the desired final size in a …

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Emergency pull-wire switch Ex ZS 92 S / Belt alignment switch Ex ZS 92 SR

The “Extreme” versions of the new steute ZS 92/ZS 92 SR emergency pull wire and belt alignment switches have already been tried and tested in practice. Now steute will be showing for the first time Ex versions of these two switching devices, both developed especially for adverse environments. Design features include very robust die-cast aluminium …

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OMC 2500 Online Moisture Control

OMC 2500 reliably and precisely determines online the moisture or dry mass of bulk materials, suspensions or pasty materials. The measurement is done contact-lessly with near-infrared light (NIR). Due to the significantly higher wavelength of NIR compared to visible light (VIS), there is a greater penetration depth into the sample regardless of its color. OMC …

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HEICO-LOCK® Combi-Washers

The efficient combined securing system for highly loaded bolted connections. HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers enable quick and easy assembly, especially in difficult installation situations. Combine the simple to use HEICO-LOCK® combi-washers with all commercially available bolts provided by your suppliers, quickly and easily.

Container Mixer i4

MIXACO has been an innovation leader in the mixing industry for more than 50 years. Many of our inventions and patents have been developed hand-in-hand with our customers and have become an industry-wide standard. MIXACO proudly presents the new Container Mixer i4. It represents the characteristics of Industry 4.0 / IoT applied in the mixing …

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EVN –High-speed belt bucket elevator

High speed belt bucket elevator. Bucket Elevator with rubber belt to which buckets are connected. The main features of the elevator include the following: – standard dimensions in conformity to DIN specifications, or increased width for larger elevators. – Buckets with either standard capacity according to DIN 15234 specifications or increased capacity, equipped with a …

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QICPIC | PICTOS & Co. | Dynamic Image Analyse | Particle Size and Particle Shape from below 1 µm to 34,000 µm

The modular image analysis sensor QICPIC combines size and shape analysis of disperse particle systems within a size range of < 1 µm to 34,000 µm. Flexible sensor adaptation for analysis of powders, granules, fibres, suspensions and emulsions is provided by a wide range of dispersing and dosing units. Numerous implementations in pharmaceutical and chemical …

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DSE-HIE: Future-Proof, EHEDG-Compliant Weighing Electronics

The innovative Digital Sensor Electronics (DSE) is ideal for use in highly dynamic and automated weighing applications. The signals provided by analog load cells are digitized and can be output in line with all common industrial Ethernet protocols (PROFINET RT/IRT and EtherCAT) via the integrated multi-protocol unit. The Ethernet interface and simple installation close to …

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MÖLLER® pressure vessel dense phase conveying systems

World-leading technology for economic and reliable transport of bulk materials. Conveying capacity of more than 300 t/h, conveying distance more than 3000 m without intermediate stations have been realized. MÖLLER® pressure vessel systems in conjunction with the TURBUFLOW® dense phase conveying system are suitable for all cement, even for highly abrasive special cement with Mohs …

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The conical mixer, or also referred to as V-mixer, conical screw mixer, Nauta mixer or Vrieco Nauta mixer, is recognized for its outstanding mixing quality and accuracy. The unit requires a small floor space only because of his conical shape. Other advantages comprise the total and fluid outflow, which leaves no residue in the machine, …


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