Multi-talented lab mixers for trial mixtures and small-scale production


At SOLIDS 2020 MTI Mischtechnik will be focusing on its range of laboratory mixers with heatable and coolable mixing vessels. These all-rounders are suitable for the entire scope of bulk material processing tasks including the production of trial mixtures and small-scale production batches in laboratories and technology centres. Applications range from masterbatches & compounds for the plastics and rubber industry, including the production of natural fibre compounds, to applications in the chemical and automotive supplier industries.

MTI’s laboratory mixer range includes the type M vertical high-speed mixers (working volume up to 28 liters), heating/cooling mixer combinations from the M/KMV series (working cooling mixer volume up to 51 liters) and the Uni tec type UT vertical universal mixers (working volume up to 51 liters). On a small scale, they cover the entire range of conventional industrial applications from homogenisation via friction mixing, coating, agglomeration and granulation to drying.

All MTI laboratory mixers share the same Plug-&-Play layout ensuring immediate usability and convenient handling together with easy cleaning enabling rapid formulation changes and very good emptying characteristics which maximise product yields. Various optional add-ons, such as liquid addition lances, choppers or the newly developed aspiration systems, expand the range of applications and enable reliable process design. MTI’s R&D Center in Detmold gives its customers the opportunity to test laboratory mixers equipped in line with their requirements.

As Ulrich Schär, General Manager at MTI, explains: “Our laboratory mixers are in use worldwide for trialing formulations and manufacturing small batches. Apart from our mixers’ tried and trusted reliability, our customers particularly appreciate their versatility without the modifications often required for other systems and the ability to acquire all process and machine parameters for use in reliable process scale-up.”

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