29 - 30 March 2023
Messe Dortmund

Trade show for granules, Powders and Bulk Solids Technologies

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High performance detector FSM
T&B electronic GmbH

High performance detector FSM

High performance detector for detection of sparks and glowing particles



In the processing of bulk materials there are production areas, such as e.g. hammer mills, pellet presses and dryers, which produce an increased risk of ignition source. Here it must be distinguish between sparks with a typical temperature of over 750 ° C and embers with a typical surface temperature <300 ° C. In the detection of such ignition potentials, two different types of detectors were in the past required for this purpose, since classic spark detectors are only of limited suitability for the detection of glowing particles for physical reasons. T & B electronic presents as a new product the combination detector FSM (Fig. 2), which is suitable for the detection of glowing particles as well as for the detection of sparks by the use of a specially manufactured semiconductor detector. In the past there were spark detectors and additionally so-called hotspot detectors to be used.With the combination detector FSM is just one detector type required. This significantly reduces installation costs. With the development of the FSM Detector, T & B completes a wide range of different types of detectors and can now offer its customers the best possible detector for every requirement.


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