FILTERON now Partner-Reseller for andreae filters


For our customers we are always searching for suppliers and business partners with high-graded products.
We recently reached this target again and present a new partnership with andreae filters.

Andreae is developer and original manufacturer of card-board-filters for the filtration of overspray in spray booth cabins.
With a range of 6 different products, each with 3 standard dimensions and 3 possible product variations (Economy-Version “brown” / strong, water-repellent version “white” and with fire-classification F1-certified version) are possobilities given for all imaginable cases of applications at our customers plants.

Andreae filter is a well known brand on the market of overspray-filters for more than 55 years. Meanwhile some related products exists but these ones can’t reach the high-graded product-level of the original.
Paintstop-/Overspray-filters are always in a high competition.
We are now able to offer our customers another high-quality-product in a bundle with all the other filter products of our product range to afford them to get all necessary filters from a reliable single source.

The full range of filters for your requirement from FILTERON – your filter specialist.

Request us for your indivdual offer with attractive conditions for your complete filter-requirement.


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