Bespoke noise protection: AERZEN relies on the advantages of reactive silencers


With reactive silencers, AERZEN reduces the noise emissions on the discharge side of its screw compressors, positive displacement blowers, and rotary lobe compressors. The innovative concept of these reactive silencers is superior to classic dissipative silencers in many respects.
The sound waves developing on the discharge side of a Delta Screw compressor made by AERZEN can reach 170 to 190 dB. Therefore, a downstream silencer is obligatory, same as with all customary compressors. The high frequencies of the sound waves lead to considerable vibration forces which have a damaging effect on the piping and the insulating material in conventional dissipative silencers. This so-called micro friction wears out the filter material over time and can damage even stainless steel in the long run. This leads to a reduction of the effectiveness of the silencer and to the erosion of finest particles. These contaminate the process air and can lead to hygiene risks for example in the foodstuff production or can clog the fine-pored aeration elements in the aeration basin of a wastewater treatment plant. Downstream filters have to be used, which lead to pressure losses, reduced efficiency levels, reduced energy efficiency and increased maintenance expenditure.
The other way: neutralising instead of absorbing
With the patented reactive silencers (EP1857682) AERZEN not only neutralised the noise, but also the above mentioned problems. A special piping system generates a defined counter-noise, which superimposes the sound waves with a certain delay and thus neutralises them. The sound conduction must be designed exactly for the corresponding sound source by means of varying pipe lengths and pipe diameters. AERZEN has mastered this feat perfectly, particularly as for conveying systems for process gases
(Process Gas Division) the assemblies are designed especially for the corresponding application and the silencer is always an individual item. The concept is so convincing that AERZEN now also equips the directly driven screw compressors with
reactive silencers. The perfectly tuned modules do not wear, are maintenance-free and correspond to international standards PED and ASME.
The proactive ATEX concept already provides a TÜV certified solution. An integrated spark arrester avoids sparking over in the hazardous zone in a case of emergency. The installation of spark arresters on site can completely be omitted – a decisive advantage for the customer. These important components are manufactured by the subsidiary Emmerthaler Apparatebau. So, AERZEN achieves a high level of flexibility and quality, in particular for special customer requirements.

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