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For over 50 years now, AT MINERAL PROCESSING Europe has been informing engineers in Europe on developments and problem solutions in mechanical process engineering for mineral resources. All process stages, e.g. comminution and agglomeration, screening and classification, material transport and storage, are discussed with regard especially to both technical and economic aspects. The trade magazine is printed in German and English throughout.

bulk-online – The Powder/Bulk Portal is the worldwide leading information center for all aspects of powder & bulk solids handling & processing. Of special interest are:

  • eDirectory search engine
  • News & Discussion Forums (Latest Discussions; News from Industry)
  • Who is who in the community
  • Bulk-Blog
  • Bulk-Videos

According to this website is No. 1 of all worldwide powder/bulk portals. More information:

BULK is a professional trade journal for the Dutch speaking community in the Netherlands and Belgium. The magazine is published seven times a year, with a circulation of 6,000 copies, of which about 20% is distributed in Belgium. Bulk magazine is HOI-registered (i.e. has a certified circulation). The topics covered can be divided into three categories: Internal transport (pneumatic conveying, belt conveyors, elevators, etc.), Storage (silos, big bags, packaging, etc.) and Unit operations (grinding, sieving, mixing, etc.). The articles have a technological, application-oriented approach.

cav chemie anlagen verfahren is a magazine that provides application oriented and practical articles, reports, interviews and product information  about processes, systems, apparatus and components for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It also covers IT, instrumentation, control and automation technology, analytical technology, packaging, storage, materials flow. Topical economic and company reports together with reports from research and science complete the range of information it delivers. Website:

CEMENT INTERNATIONAL reports in comprehensive technical articles on the latest research results, new technical processes, machines, equipment and the products produced as well as practical experience with their operation and application. In addition, articles, reports and short notifications show readers the current trends in science, technology, product- and market development. As a result, the journal is a ‘must’ for all those concerned with the cement and binder industry.

CHEManager International: New Name, Same Quality, Extended Range

CHEManager International (circulation: 20,000 copies, frequency 10 issues/year) and its B2B portal supply executives of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry with in-depth information on market trends and technical developments.

Magazine for decision-makers: CHEMIE TECHNIK is the processing technology magazine for management and investment decision-makers working in chemical plant engineering.

Top exclusives: Every month, CHEMIE TECHNIK features practice-related technical articles and short reports by selected authors on topical subjects from more than 20 different fields.

Focus on CHEMISTRY: The subjects covered include every range of products relevant to processing, planning, construction, operation and maintenance of chemical plants. In addition, the reports provide comprehensive coverage of every development and innovation in these areas.


  • i.e. technical papers and information i.a. from bulk material technology
  • i.e. largest subscription circulation in its field for executives, process and chemical engineers
  • i.e. official membership organ of VDI-GVC and DECHEMA

dei – die ernährungsindustrie is the leading trade magazine for the entire food and beverage industry. It offers application and practice-oriented articles, reports, information and product information about processes, systems, apparatus and components for foodstuff processing. Other themes include basic foodstuffs and additives, packaging technology, materials flow and logistics as well as the full range of measurement and automation technology and IT for this industry. Topical economic and company reports complete the coverage. Website:

The German journal Industriearmaturen is the leading platform in German language for interchange of knowledge and experience between the suppliers and users of industrial valves. “Industriearmaturen” provides information on valves and their components in the chemicals and processing industries, in power generating plant and thermal process applications, in major HVAC installations, in the water industry, waste water management, in sterile applications and in industry in general.

For more than 40 years, LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK has been one of the leading technical journals for decision makers from all sectors of the food and beverage industries. The magazine is published ten times a year. The excellent reputation of LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK is last but not least the result of up-to-date, competent, comprehensive and multi-facetted coverage. LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK is a high-class source of knowledge and information for professionals with leadership responsibility in food and beverage producing companies, e.g. owners, product developers, plant, factory and production managers. The cross-media technical information service of LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK is complemented by the Internet portal as well as by newsletters on various topics.

Mühle + Mischfutter, united with Österreichischem Mühlen-Markt and
Schweizerischem Mühlen-Anzeiger, is a trade magazine for the cereal
processing and feed production industry as well as for the bulk goods, food
and non-food process engineering branch. It offers twice a month detailed
and interesting specialist articles, technical machine and equipment
descriptions, notifications and reports on events and activities and also
current information from industry, economy and markets. Furthermore it
answers legal questions, provides company reports, introduces new specialist
literature and many more.

Cross-sectoral, tailored to the target group and different reader/user preferences – P&A Perspektive Prozessindustrie offers sustainable information about markets and technologies in the process industry and are a source of inspiration for plant designers and operators. P&A sets a high value on integrating the disciplines process engineering & automation.

The new P&A Web Magazine accompanies readers on their way into the future, both mobile and online. Elaborately designed, it highlights the current top topics – far beyond the content of the print publications. Become part of INDUSTR.COM/PuA community right now: www.INDUSTR.COM/PuA.

Pharmaproduktion is a quarterly trade magazine that offers application-oriented and practical articles and reports, interviews and product information in the fields of production, packaging, management and support in pharmaceutical operations. Topical economic and company reports from the pharmaceutical industry and the manufacturers of the systems and apparatus it uses, complemented by reports from research and science, add to the range of information. The title is aimed at technical management in the pharmaceutical industry and in particular at those occupying senior positions who are responsible for decisions about the sourcing of systems and components for GMPcompliant production. Website:

Pharma+Food is the specialist journal for production, equipment and organization decision makers in the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries. Pharma+Food uses application reviews, technical articles, interviews, product information and brief reports to provide knowledge and information to anyone manufacturing under hygiene constraints. With its reader enquiry system, Pharma+Food reaches management and specialists, planners, decision-makers, suppliers of components and systems, and service providers in hygienic processing technology, creating direct lines of contact to investment decision-makers.

SchuettgutPortal is a digtial platform formed by a website and newsletter, aimed at the bulk handling and solids processing industry in Germany. Here you can find up-to-date information on companies and products, as well as background information on the field of powder, bulk and solids handling and processing. With the search function you can find information and companies for every keyword. At this site you find information on:

  • transport systems, -installations;
  • (explosion) safety systems, measurement and control devices;
  • storage systems: silos, big bags, bags, etc.;
  • unit operations: mixing, blending, grinding, pelletizing, cooling, conditioning, etc.
Sugar Industry is the largest-circulation international journal for the beet, cane sugar, starch and biofuels industries. Published monthly, is industry-focused, timely, and current. News coverage on topics ranging from the cultivation of the raw material to the finished product, as well as analysis of world sugar market developments and recent company financial reports make   essential reading for managers in the sugar, ethanol and starch industries. Technical articles on beet sugar and cane sugar technology, sugarbeet and sugarcane agriculture, as well as starch and ethanol production are a must for all technologists.

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