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ZF Industrieantriebe Witten GmbH – “Moving the Big Things” in material handling, recycling and environmental technologies

ZF Industrieantriebe Witten GmbH presents itself as development partner and system provider for drive solutions for planet- and spur wheel gearboxes at the Solids / Recycling-Technology 2020

Visitors will get an overview of the current industrial product portfolio
– stationary gearboxes (planet- and spur wheel gearboxes) from 70 up to 6.000 kNm output torque
– drive solutions for mobile applications, travel-, winch and swing gearboxes from 100 up to 2.500 kNm output torque

We will also present our latest developments:
– the next generation of industrial gearboxes Redulus4F: planetary drives with significantly increased power density with unchanged installation space
– The new modular system for planetary and spur gear offers an expanded flexibility and numerous innovative solutions, such as hydraulically switchable gears or stepless speed adjustments
– ZF ProVID – the Performance Management System for industrial gearboxes enables the recording and evaluation of operating data for condition assessment with the aim of significant reductions of operating costs by scheduled preventive maintenance works.

ZF’s Global Service Organisation offers optimal customer support world-wide for the complete ZF product range – and even further.

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ZF Industrial Gearboxes

Industrial gearboxes must withstand heavy duty operating conditions and at the same time be compact, precise and efficient. Reliability and safety are also essential aspects. With its large gearboxes for industrial applications and large movable machines ZF fulfils these requirements.

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