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ystral – find the best solution for your application

With our comprehensive knowledge and long-time experience as a manufacturer of machines and processing systems we develop solutions together with our customers for their specific application, that provide an immediate and quantifiable added value.

We accompany them with our passion and full engagement through all processing steps.

Whether for the Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetic Industry or for the Food Industry – at ystral you can find the solution for your specific application – from laboratory scale up to production equipment.

As a medium sized, owner-managed enterprise with subsidiaries in Singapore and India coupled with numerous representatives world-wide, we are well positioned for any future demands.


Hervorgehobenes Produkt

YSTRAL Jetstream Mixer – Constant product quality during mixing

The predominant mixing principle An effective micro and macro mixing is mandatory to achieve a consistent quality of a product in a variety of applications. The YSTRAL Jetstream Mixer fulfils all the requirements that are necessary for a completely and homogeneous mixture in a vessel. Therefore, economy, optimised mixing efficiency and simple handling are not compromised. The essential advantages: • Effective micro and macro mixing of the complete contents in the vessel without air induction • Complete material exchange over all the levels due to a vertical mixing effect • The applied energy is converted up to 90% in a vertical stream – no rotation of the contents in the vessel • Even heavy sediments are suspended by the directed stream • No free running shaft and mixing tools • No Vortex is formed, no air is introduced • Installation to the vessel from top, bottom, side or mounted on a moveable lift • For open vessels, no special fixing devices are required

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