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Pneumatic vacuum conveyors for suction, conveying and loading of powders, granulates dust and small-parts with transporting capacities from 10 up to 10.000 kg/h.
Energy saving vacuum generation with multiple stage gas jet vacuum pumps.
Special solutions for powder handling such as weighing, dosing, drum unloader, tablet conveying etc.

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IBC Discharging

IBC Docking And Discharge Stations produktaufgabestation_vs-andockelementVolkmann docking and discharge stations provide a quick exchange and dust-free join between frequently exchanged IBCs and other process equipment: docking of IBCs at filling and discharging stations docking of Vacuum Conveyors safely and dust-free with mobile hoists directly on top of filling machines, tablet presses etc. Ask us about possible solutions and ideas for your material transfer application.

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