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T & B electronic was founded in 1984. Through continuous development of the product range, the fire protection specialist is constantly setting new standards with quality and innovation in the field of preventive plant fire protection. T&B is a VdS approved installer of spark extinguishing systems and water mist extinguishing systems. To further product range belong infrared early fire detection systems, argon extinguishing systems and fire alarm systems according to DIN 14675.
We offer you the creation of individual comprehensive fire protection concepts to turnkey installation and commissioning. We provide all services from one source and save yourself the elaborate coordination of the various trades.

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Infrared early fire detection system

Where wood, old wood and fuels are stored in closed bunkers and open spaces, reliable equipment for fire detection and fire-fighting is required. Selfignition of the stored materials or contamination by hot materials can result in fires which constitute a high risk for both operators and the environment. One effective preventative measure is an early fire detection system on the basis of an infrared camera incl. evaluation of the thermal images using software.

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