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Founded in 1981 and with more than 1,500 filters delivered in 85 countries, Simatek is a leading manufacturer of dust filtration solutions. Our high-tech products and systems optimise footprint, performance and maintenance for industrial plants worldwide. All at a low cost of ownership.

Our emission and air pollution control solution main areas:

Dust collection and aspiration: A wide range of pulse-jet bag filters designed to work with dust explosion vents and meet international standards and certifications.
Process air: A range of sanitary and non-sanitary bag filters for the processing industry – including filters with Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and super-sanitary filters that hold the American 3-A Symbol certification.
Air Pollution Control technology (APC): A wide range of fabric filter technologies to reduce particulate matter from cement and energy plants.
Our unique bag filter technology and specialised expertise are at the heart of everything we do. Our core team of dedicated employees – alongside our global network of partners and representatives – is ready to help you find the solution that that will best benefit your business.

We call this an optimised investment, effectively delivered.

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DuoClean DC8

Cost effective, compact solution with unique gas distribution system and dust preseparation effect The bag filter is a one-compartment fabric filter in an octagonal shape that is suitable for gas capacities from 25,000 up to 185,000 Am³/h. The bags can be from six to ten metres long. It is ideal for, but not limited to, medium to small process applications where the capacity of a bag filter with multiple compartments is too large. The DuoClean DC8 baghouse filter offers excellent pre-separation ability and gas distribution with a low uniform velocity over the entire bag filtration area. Different types of filter tops are available for the DuoClean DC8 filter: Top access, either enclosure (for weather protection) or a walk-in plenum. Efficiency Dual-flow gas approach, where the gas enters from the bottom and the sides of the bags. This ensures a low, uniform velocity over the entire bag filtration area, meaning you can use longer bags, which reduces the filter footprint. Optimal control of gas distribution and the ideal dual-flow split, with significant dust being pre-separated to the hopper, compressed air usage and increases the lifetime of the bags, leading to lower OPEX. The pulse jet system automatically cleans the bags row-by-row as the dust is being filtered not requiring special requirements. Flexibility It comes in different pre-engineered standard sizes and bag lengths to fit a wide range of flows and applications. If needed, multiple units can be arranged in a cluster. You can separate almost any kind of dust – fine, abrasive, sticky. Possibility of using various type of bag materials. Features Capacity: 25,000 – 185,000 m³/h Filter size: 427 – 2,504 m² filter surface Standard 10% vacuum (1000 mmWC) Top access, either enclosure or Walk-in plenum Works on both dry, abrasive and sticky products Bag removal via clean air sides Available both as Walk-in plenum and with top access Bag size: 6-10m length, 5″ diameter Capacity: 35,000 – 185,000 m³/h

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