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robecco is a specialist for innovative preventive explosion protection and monitoring systems. In addition to this, robecco also offers control technology, automation and gas analysis.

The use of robecco products effectively prevents gas and dust explosions. The systems are usually used in processes with combustible dusts and gases. In particular, coal grinding plants, coal dust silos or alternative fuel silos, are considered within the protective measures that are taken regarding preventive explosion protection. Additional areas of applications can be found in the food and chemical industries.

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robecco GAS ANALYSER SYSTEM® With the flexible robecco GAS® system solution, the monitoring, measurement and evaluation of different gases (gas selection, on request) are carried out in various processes. EXPLOSION PROTECTION: As key parameters for preventive explosion protection, the measurement of flammable gases, combustible gases and oxygen is essential. ATEX approval is a prerequisite for the operation of gas analysis systems in explosive zones. OPERATIONAL MEASUREMENTS: Analysis and measurement of gases, in order to determine operating and process parameters. EMISSION MEASUREMENTS: Continuous monitoring of emissions of flue gases generated in the course of combustion processes. robecco performs continuous monitoring and execution of the engineering, delivery, commissioning, and training for your applications. robecco GAS is deployed successfully in the following industries: cement industry steel industry power plants biomass chemical industry food

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