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Moretto supplies automation for plastics processing industry and offers a complete products range including machines for feeding, conveying, hot-air drying, dehumidifying, grinding, micro-dosing, gravimetric and volumetric dosing, storage, temperature control and cooling. A special products line is dedicated to PET applications.
Centralized systems are supplied turnkey.

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DLK Gravico: best dosing accuracy.

GRAVICO is the multicomponent continuous loss-in-weight dosing system, which is employed in the cycle process plants cycles (film, pipes, profiles, plates in mono- and co-extrusion). This accurate dosing system is designed for use with up to seven components for wide range of configurations. GRAVICO is automatically managed by the NAVIGATOR 9000, which controls the system production parameters including: cooling ring control, gauge control, extruder haul-off and extruder speed. GRAVICO has a compact and modular structure with body and hoppers in stainless steel, which guarantees a long life of this dosing system over time and its application in the food and medical fields. It is an extremely versatile dosing system, composed of weighed hoppers, with adaptable capacities to each recipe. Besides the application for granule, specific applications are available for the dosing of granules-powders and powders with dedicated systems and hoppers equipped with bridge break devices. The peculiar systems for unloading and fixing the hoppers allow rapid material changes without stopping the production line and a quick and easy cleaning. GRAVICO is equipped with a static mixer integrated in the central body ensures a perfect blend for a perfect quality consistency. Moreover, the dosing systems are interchangeable for an extremely quick recipe change. The maximum precision is due to some exclusivity of this project such as: – The self-centering balanced weighing system – The vibrations immunity system – The integrated control that samples 4,000 times per second allowing to detect and automatically eliminate any impure data.

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