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MINIMAX – Fire protection since 1902.

Minimax has been one of the leading brands in fire protection for more than 110 years. The Minimax Viking Group currently boasts an annual turnover in the region of €1.6bn and employs around 9,000 people worldwide. The Group is headquartered in Bad Oldesloe, Germany, and runs several research, development and manufacturing facilities. Whether for automotive plants, power plants, logistics centers, office and administration buildings, data centers or on ships, Minimax provides tailored solutions wherever there is a fire threat. A comprehensive range of after-installation services completes the offering.

Sprinkler systems, gas-based suppression systems, fire prevention systems or fire detection and control technology alike, Minimax has access to a unique range of tested and certified components and systems from its own development and production facilities. Our promise: Minimax quality ranges from the simplest fire extinguisher to the most complex suppression system. Intensive development work carried out in our fire protection research center ensures our advanced technologies approach into the future.

Recycling facilities, power plants, shops, ships or logistics centers – every industry, every property and every application requires different fire protection solutions. Taking the latest standards into account, our expert teams have years of experience and support each project individually in order to meet the requirements of authorities, insurers and operators. From the engineering of the fire protection system through project management to installation and commissioning, with Minimax you are on the safe side.

Regular inspection and maintenance are a fundamental requirement for a fire protection system to remain operational in the long term. The Minimax service teams offer the necessary peace of mind by professionally executing all inspections, maintenance and repair work. In addition to maintenance, we offer specific measures and programs to ensure that your fire protection equipment continues to function correctly and corresponds to the latest technological developments even after years on standby.

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Fire Protection Solutions for Recycling Facilities

The com­plex­ity of recycling materials is also re­flec­ted in the fire risks along the pro­cess chain. Right at the de­liv­ery of the re­cyc­ling ma­ter­ial and its stor­age it is worth coun­ter­act­ing po­ten­tial sources of ig­ni­tion. The quant­it­ies of or­ganic and in­or­ganic ma­ter­ial mix­tures hold a con­sid­er­able fire risk due to the fer­ment­a­tion pro­cess. Taken to­gether with bat­ter­ies that are in­cluded and con­tain­ers with flam­mable li­quids that have not been com­pletely emp­tied or spray cans, the ig­ni­tion po­ten­tial of re­cyc­ling ma­ter­ial in­creases enorm­ously. Even the trans­port from one pro­cessing step to the next cre­ates chal­lenges to fire pro­tec­tion: For ex­ample the roller bear­ings of the con­veyor belts may run hot and ig­nite. If the fire leaps on to the re­cyc­ling ma­ter­ial being trans­por­ted, a fire can spread rap­idly in other areas of the op­er­a­tion as well. Pro­cessing sta­tions at which flam­mable li­quids, for ex­ample in the form of hy­draulic fluid, are used, rep­res­ent an extra risk. On these ma­chines an un­con­trol­lable fire can eas­ily de­velop and be­come an eco­nomic threat to the en­tire com­pany. Sprink­ler sys­tems are an im­port­ant com­pon­ent of build­ing pro­tec­tion for re­cyc­ling plants. A fire de­tec­tion sys­tem com­ple­ments build­ing pro­tec­tion in all areas. The fire de­tect­ors’ sig­nals run to­gether into the fire de­tec­tion- and ex­tin­guish­ing con­trol unit. This no­ti­fies people in danger as well as the fire ser­vice and in many cases as­sumes con­trol and func­tion mon­it­or­ing of the fire pro­tec­tion sys­tems. Hy­drant sys­tems com­plete the build­ing pro­tec­tion and allow the fire to be im­me­di­ately at­tacked manu­ally. For further information please have a look at the brochure “Fire Protection Solutions for Recycling Facilities”.

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