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Matec Industries designs and manufactures complete plants for crushing, screening & washing of aggregates and wastewater purification & filtration solutions in many sectors, the most important of which are: coal, iron-ore, aggregates, gravel, sand, stone, concrete, ceramic, glass.
Matec’s objective is the complete customer satisfaction, guaranteeing a fast after-sale service,
but also pre-sale consultancy service, to accurately identify the real needs of potential customers. We
have installed over 3000 wastewater purification plants all across the world, 400 in the last two years:
this is the real guarantee of our production and quality service.
Our group is a big family:
Matec machinery technology for filter presses
Matec Steelworks for Engineering
Matec Washing for washing&screening plants
Maxtec for crushing mobile units
Alfa Pompe for every kind of pump (vertical, submersible, horizontal, centrifugal and more)
Matec Corporation for spare parts of every kind
Elettromatec for plants automation.

Any problem you have, we can solve it.

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MECHANICAL DEWATERING WITH HIGH-PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY Dewatering by high/pressure technology (HPT) means a higher force to drive or compress the filter cake, achieving a dryer filter cake as low as 10% residual moisture, giving back up to 98% water to the process. The NEW HPT30 bar allows you to filter at an even higher pressure than before. The MEGALITH with its simple design, consisting of 6 pushing type hydraulic cylinders, used to close the filter press, disturbing the closing pressure evenly, and open the filter press of which the first 10 plates are shifted. Also consists of the NEW TTX opening for the remainder of the filter plates, opening in patches of 10, and at a rate that makes the TTX the fastest opening technology on the market.

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