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KREISEL GmbH & Co. KG – Innovation by tradition

We are an international plant manufacturer and specialist with many years of experience in handling bulk materials
of all types and for removing dust from processes. By ambitiously advancing our products, we consistently focus on
the needs of our customers and make a committed contribution to saving resources. (

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Rotary Valves

KREISEL rotary valves are produced in a wide range of versions for theoretical volume flows of up to 2,700 cubic metres per hour. They have proven themselves for many years in process engineering systems for environmental and bulk material technology in many sectors. Rotary feeders are used to deliver bulk materials with constant volume flow rates from containers to connected system components or conveyor systems, and for metering. For example, they are used under filters and cyclones, to extract bulk materials from air conveying circuits with minimal pressure loss. Via mixers, dryers and mills, they are used for volumetric metered feed of the bulk material in continuous mixing and processing processes with an air seal, and also as a thermal shield. Special designs Blow-through rotary valves Cutter feeders Self-cleaning rotary valves Tangential rotary valves

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