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Herding® Filtertechnik is a manufacturer of filter media, dust collecting systems and filter systems for industrial use. Within 45 years the filter specialist has developed into a global supplier of complete systems for all sectors of industry.
Dry dust collecting, aerosol separation and material recovery are the main focal points of our work.
The name Herding® stands for reliability, quality and outstanding services from our staff. Quality is what we put into practice and produce every day. Continuous improvement and a permanent focus on our customer needs are integral parts of our company philosophy.
Great flexibility in production coupled with a high degree of in-house production ensure that our products meet the high quality standards that both we and our customers expect, while also providing the basis for rapid realization of customer-specific solutions.
The depth of our manufacturing in Germany stands guarantee for the quality, flexibility and safety of our plant engineering.

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Herding® FLEX – The flexible filter units series

With the Herding® FLEX series, all proven advantages of pure surface filtration with the Herding® Sinter-Plate Filters are implemented in a compact and space-saving manner. The filter unit series is extremely flexible for volume flows of approx. 500 m³/h up to several 100,000 m³/h. The filter units of the FLEX-series are equipped with vertically installed Sinter-Plate Filters. Depending on the requirements, Herding® DELTA, DELTA² or HSL filter elements are being used. Unit safety and performance according to the current ATEX- guidelines are coordinated with the unit operator, if required. APPLICATIONS Herding® FLEX filter is particularly suitable for separation or product recovery of very fine, sticky or abrasive dusts. PRODUCT FEATURES o Constant operating conditions by surface filtration o Highly efficient cleaning system at a low and energy-saving consumption of compressed air o Maintenance doors as displacers with extremely stable stiffening – no escaping of dust o Separate valve compartments for the inspection of the dedusting-system during operation o Project-specific design of the dust discharge o Flow guidance for energy optimization, effective pre-separation and sedimentation o Access to all relevant components from the front side o Due to the modular design, operating volume flow rates can be up to several 100,000 m3/h

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