Dipl.-Berging. Heinz Knust GmbH

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KNUST GRUPPE® is a strong enterprise in the technical retailing sector. Our range includes all the technical products required for original equipment, for ongoing operation and repair.

You can optimize your purchasing efforts because we can provide all you need from a single source – from standard parts to individually produced drawing
components. We can provide you with expert support in constuction, maintenance, storage and procurement.

The core of our clientele are industrial consumers from original equipment (OEM) as well as from replacement demand (MRO). The Knust Gruppe® serves customers in almost all industrial fields in which our products are used. Particularly we can mention mechanical
engineering, vehicle manufacturing, food production and energy generation. The sales area of Knust Gruppe® is extending throughout whole Germany as well as neighboring countries. Moreover, we are dealing a lot with big traders and small retailers.

As a full-service provider, our key concern is the satisfaction of our customers.


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The "SOLIDS on Tour" concept

Until the next SOLIDS Dortmund we continue to work on our concept “SOLIDS on Tour“.

With two new SOLIDS RegioDays in Chemnitz and Karlsruhe as well as the
SOLIDS & RECYCLING OnlineDays, we would like to offer the bulk solids and recycling industry business platforms for a joint exchange also in 2021.