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Aufbereitungstechnologie NOLL GmbH is a medium-sized, innovative company in the field of powder technology.
The NOLL machines DemiNo®, MultiNo® and SeparaNo® are specially designed for the preparation of fine and very fine powders.
A broad spectrum of the bulk goods industry is served from chemicals, ceramics, glas, pigments, building materials, plastics and metals to food and pharmaceuticals.
Our own technical center guarantees that we can work with our customers to develop the best possible solutions for efficient, resource-saving and sustainable production.

Hervorgehobenes Produkt

Dyn. Air Classifier Program SeparaNo®

Compact design, extremely low abrasion Optimized housing geometry and eccentric classifier arrangement, reducing the additional air required and minimizing abrasion – our dynamic air classifiers of the SeparaNo® series provide you the most efficient classifying performance ever. Two models are available: * SeparaNo®-SE with classifier door and spiral outlet, easy and quick to clean, developed specially for frequent product changes. * SeparaNo®-E without classifier door: the basic, »low-budget« version.

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