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Sales and technical consultancy for vibration technology and application. Our product portfolio contains various pneumatic vibrators (circular & linear motion) and pneumatic knockers (single impact & high frequency), further electrical vibration motors, electromagnetic linear feeders and electromagnetic vibrators (smaller versions up to 30W) as well as vibration tables.

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High frequency knocker + piston vibrator

The Findeva piston vibrators & high frequency knockers (FPK- series) produce a linear vibration with a large amplitude range and vibrating frequency range, adjustable via the air pressure. As a standard the FPK units are supplied with a soft and a hard impact plate. This allows the use of the sinusoidal vibrators optionally as soft or hard knocking, high-frequency knockers. Thereby these types combine the advantages of high-frequency vibrators for fluidization of powders etc. with the characteristics of knockers – a solution for particularly problematic and/or adhering material. Any version out of the FPK- series requires no lubrication with oil or water via compressed air. ATEX versions are also available.

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