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Industrial plants all over the world are provided with gaseous media using AERZEN blowers and compressors. The innovative AERZEN machine technology represents experience of more than 150 years company history. The range of products includes rotary lobe compressors, positive displacement blowers, turbo blowers and screw compressors. AERZEN blowers and compressors are tested and certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. There is a variety of product offerings from standard products to customised solutions.

In addition, the AERZEN After Sales Service offers the complete range of services – from the full maintenance contract to repairs and upgrade of existing plants.

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AERaudit makes your savings potential visible.

Load operation in wastewater treatment plants is subject to large fluctuation; wastewater quantities and contamination levels sometimes change rapidly. Collecting and evaluating operating data from your blower station yields reliable results on the current capacity and costefficiency of your wastewater treatment plant. What’s more, it reveals how you can design your blower station more efficiently in the future. Learn more about the precise methods that power AERaudit and our reliable analysis of optimal plant configuration with Performance3.

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AERZEN Safety Standards – 100% process safety due to application of absorption material-free discharge silencer and compliance with oil-free operation, class 0

100% PRODUCT PURITY thanks to certified oil free class 0 In many industries, the pureness of the compressed air is decisive since it significantly influences the quality of the processes for the production of high-quality products in the food industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, in parts of the automotive industry, the paper and textile industry,

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