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Environmental protection and sustainability: these are increasingly important issues in our society. Glass, paper, plastic and batteries are collected separately everywhere, but printer cartridges and toner end up in the residual waste far too often. A cartridge can be reprocessed 3-5 times without losing quality. The company Denner GmbH or Abfall bringt Geld from Austria deals precisely with this topic. Abfall brint Geld, collects empty printer cartridges and toner for refilling. Around 350,000 empty cartridges are collected here every month, thus avoiding a lot of waste. Denner GmbH thus offers consumers and retailers a solution for resource-saving collection and later processing of printer empties.

For the collection of empties, the company relies, among other things, on cooperation with the stationary retail trade and provides them with environmental boxes. Retailers do not have to provide their space free of charge, but receive payment according to the purchase list.

This solution offers several advantages for the consumer. On the one hand, it actively contributes to waste avoidance and resource conservation. On the other hand, he does not have to send the empties laboriously, but can simply dispose of them in the collection box when shopping, similar to empty batteries.

Your empties serve on the one hand to avoid the garbage, and also to have it refilled and thus offer it for sale in various sales portals.

True to the motto REDUCE RECYCLE REUSE

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