09 - 10 OCTOBER 2024

Trade fair for granules, powder and bulk solids technologies

Our sustainability measures in the three areas of environment, social affairs and corporate governance.

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With ACI Consulting, we are the leading DE&I consultancy in the DACH region and have over 5 years of experience in the field of diversity, equity & inclusion. We can now draw on the experience of more than 50 companies – from a media group to a medium-sized company from the construction sector, a well-known company from the consumer goods sector and several insurance companies. In general, our method and approach is characterised by the fact that we proceed individually and scientifically. We bring in our expertise from our work with a wide variety of companies, which you will also benefit from during an impulse lecture.

The Institute for Particle Technology (IPT) at Bergische Universität Wuppertal
was founded as an in-house institute for research projects from the Chair of Safety Engineering / Environmental Protection. Research focuses on the characterisation, prevention and reduction of fine and ultra-fine dusts. In addition to DFG-funded basic research on topics of filtration and dusting tendency, the IPT carries out projects of industrial joint research as well as cooperation projects with industrial partners. For example, the IPT has already successfully dealt with issues such as ash storage behaviour in diesel particle filters, the reduction of fugitive emissions in open-cast mines and quarries, the use of electrostatically charged spray mists for immission reduction and dust formation in the paper industry. To work on the above-mentioned projects, the IPT has a comprehensive portfolio of measurement technology for dust, gas and flow measurement as well as an appropriately equipped technical centre with wind tunnels and diverse test facilities.

We are a Munich-based company that produces innovative and stylish household products & natural cosmetics. everdrop products completely avoid single-use plastic and unnecessary chemicals – and reduce CO2 emissions in transport by up to 95%.

Our mission: to simply enable people to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Together with our community, we have already achieved great things: almost 9 million single-use plastic bottles and more than 1000 tonnes of unnecessary chemicals have been saved by our products so far.

About us
The DGAW unites approximately 450 members from the most diverse areas of the waste management and resource industry. Thus, our association is composed of representatives of private and municipal waste disposal companies, politics and administration, science, waste treatment plant builders, planners and operators as well as consultants and lawyers. In addition, there is close cooperation or mutual membership with all important resource management organizations. We offer our members an independent and competent exchange of knowledge and experience on the various topics in our business.

Aims of the DGAW
The DGAW sees itself as a platform for product responsibility and resource conservation. We aim to develop a competent network of experts along the process chain of these two future-oriented areas. For this purpose, the DGAW offers an interdisciplinary, fact-oriented cooperation with an open exchange of experience. We share information draw up position papers and organize events and meetings on current topics and developments in the extractive industry.

Bio and chemical engineering is about the small and big problems of life: clean laundry, clean water and clean air, but also paint, cosmetics, medicine, fertiliser or new forms of energy. In the demanding degree programmes in bioengineering and chemical engineering, students learn to translate the findings of chemistry or life sciences into technical applications. They impart broad and well-founded basic knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences and engineering and train to become process engineers who can plan, develop, implement, assess and operate biotechnical and chemical processes.

The GRAF group of companies is a medium-sized, owner-managed family business that develops, produces and sells environmentally beneficial products made of plastics. The product range includes solutions for water management, such as rainwater storage, water pollution control or flood prevention, as well as a wide range of practical gardening aids, such as composters, raised beds, etc.

More than 70% of the plastics used at GRAF are recycled plastics, which are produced in the “GRAF Competence Center Raw Materials” in Herbolzheim. State-of-the-art and energy-efficient plant technologies enable the production of 50,000 t/a of recycled plastics with a quality level of primary raw material. This can avoid 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

GRAF thus makes an important contribution to the recyclable material cycle.

Horváth is an international, independent management consultancy firm with over 1,100 employees in locations in Europe, the USA, and other global markets. We represent in-depth knowledge across different industries and top-level subject matter expertise in all company functions – with a focus on performance management and transformation. We carry out projects for our international customers around the world. Our specialists support companies and top executives with extensive competence to successfully align their organizations for the future.

The IND EX (Intercontinental Association of EXperts for INDustrial Explosion Protection e.V.) was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 2009. IND EX® hat derzeit 50 internationale Mitglieder und die Gemeinschaft wächst stetig. Die Mitglieder sind Anlagenbauer, Sicherheitsberater, Gerätehersteller, Dienstleister, Universitäten und Experten auf dem Gebiet des Explosionsschutzes. The aim of IND EX e.V. is to prevent or, if possible, prevent the risk of explosions with a team of experts. To achieve this goal, IND EX has defined a number of tasks:

  • Adaptation and interpretation of existing international guidelines to gain an understanding of explosion regulations.
  • Supporting research in explosion protection in order to obtain new and innovative technologies that reduce the risk of explosions
  • organising congresses and symposia to facilitate the transfer of knowledge in explosion protection and to share experiences
  • Develop programmes such as “EXTOOLS” to provide support in explosion protection and risk assessment.

TH OWL – Fachbereich Life Science Technologies

Der Fachbereich Life Science Technologies hat eine über 45-jährige Tradition. Das Spektrum der Ausbildung, Forschung und Entwicklung stellt eine sonst nirgendwo anzutreffende Kombination von Fachgebieten aus dem Bereich der Lebenswissenschaften dar.

As a partner for application-oriented R & D services, we combine the creativity of building research with the needs of the construction industry and shorten the path from idea to market-ready product. „Made by IAB“ means recognizing potential and designing innovations.
In the field of „Building Materials and Process Engineering“ scientific and technical basics of raw material extraction, production and building materials processing are examined. The tasks are defined by the interaction of material, process and equipment.
Construction Systems and Components Activities in the field of „Construction Systems and Components“ aim at component development and optimization through innovative shaping and reinforcement substitution as well as new materials and composite materials.
The focus of the action field „Energy and Building Services“  is on energy-saving concepts and an environmentally friendly energy, heat and cooling supply of buildings and neighborhoods. Developments for energy transport, storage and regulation are also included.
In the field of „Civil Engineering and Pipeline Construction“ solutions are developed to increase the network efficiency and the remaining service life of pipelines. Another focus is on issues related to the recovery of heat from wastewater.
The core topic in the field of „Resource Efficiency and Recycling“ is the targeted substitution of raw materials with waste, such as those at the end of product use, or with residual and waste materials that arise during product production.
Services In addition to a DAkkS-accredited test laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, a VMPA concrete test center, a measuring point, various technical facilities and a tube laboratory complete the know-how of the institute. Technical-physical, mechanical and thermal tests of concrete, mortar, bricks and ceramic raw materials and materials as well as building physics, acoustic and vibration control tests are carried out expertly and practically.

The digital transformation is changing the world of work. Innovative technologies are taking hold. New business and value creation models are emerging. Processes in companies have to be rethought and rebuilt, internal and external communication channels have to be designed differently. This development brings great opportunities and at the same time great challenges – especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

But if the digital transformation is used and shaped correctly, it offers smaller companies the opportunity to position themselves for the future. The work of the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Ruhr-OWL shows how this can be achieved. We accompany SMEs from the Ruhr region and East Westphalia-Lippe in their digital transformation and support them in networking their products, production and processes.

The Center for Circular Economy combines RWTH Aachen University’s strong technical and environmental competences in the field of materials recycling on a holistic platform by integrating the institutes for social affairs, economics and digitalization. We develop innovative solutions for creating sustainable business models of the future that aim to minimize waste, maximize the value of circulating materials and enable their acceptance in society. This is done on a regional, national and international level and includes aspects in the areas of business models, research and education.

Das Ingenieurbüro und Schüttgutlabor Schwedes + Schulze Schüttguttechnik bearbeitet seit vielen Jahren Aufgabenstellungen aus der Silo- und Schüttguttechnik und angrenzenden Bereichen wie z.B. der mechanischen Förderung und der Pulvercharakterisierung.

Ein Schwerpunkt der Arbeiten von Schwedes + Schulze Schüttguttechnik ist die verfahrenstechnische Siloauslegung zum Erreichen einer zuverlässigen Funktion, d.h. zum Vermeiden von Problemen wie Auslaufstörungen durch Brücken- und Schachtbildung, toten Zonen, Entmischung, ungleichmäßiger Fluss, Schießen, oder auch mangelnde Abstimmung von Silo und Austragtechnik.

Ein zweiter Schwerpunkt ist das Messen von Fließeigenschaften wie Fließfähigkeit, innere Reibung oder Verdichtbarkeit, das Bestimmen von Parametern zur festigkeitsmäßigen Auslegung von Silos nach DIN EN 1991-4 oder Produktoptimierung (Fließhilfsmittelgehalt, Produktionsverfahren) und Qualitätskontrolle.

  • Beratung in Silo- & Schüttguttechnik und pneumatischer Förderung
  • Begutachtung von Schäden und Störfällen
  • Entwicklung von Anlagenkonzepten für Erweiterungen und Engpassbeseitigung
  • Ausbildung & Training
  • Beratungsleistungen für M&A
  • Geschäfts-, Markt- & Strategieentwicklung, Aufbau internationaler Vertrieb, Analyse Wettbewerbssituation

Pumpe DE ist eine konstante Größe und hervorragende Informationsquelle für Ihre Kunden, unsere Leser – speziell im Vorfeld von Messen. Die Leser haben die Wahl zwischen traditioneller Fachzeitschrift und einem von überall und zu jeder Zeit zugänglichen E-Paper. Wussten Sie, dass Pumpe DE im deutschen Raum inzwischen das einzig verbliebene Fachmedium rund um Pumpen ist?
Ergänzt wird das Printmedium um unseren zweiwöchentlichen Newsletter Pumpe DE Online mit aktuellen Wirtschafts-, Personal- und Produktmeldungen. Die direkte Verlinkung auf Produkte oder Videos ist ein Zusatznutzen, den nur wenige Verlage bieten und den viele Hersteller zu schätzen wissen.

The WFZruhr is a voluntary initiative of public and private companies in the circular and environmental economy. Aktuell nutzen 115 Mitgliedsunternehmen dieses Kompetenz-Netzwerk, das im Ruhrgebiet seine Wurzeln hat. Die Mitglieder verstehen sich als Technologie- und Systemführer ; sie decken das gesamte Leistungsspektrum der Kreislaufwirtschaft ab. We, the team of the WFZruhr, organize, among other things, top-class events on the top topics of the industry – real value for decision-makers!


Der DSIV ist der Interessensverband von Personen und Unternehmen, die in vielfältigem Bereich mit Schüttgütern tätig sind. Dies betrifft insbesondere die Produktion, Lagerung, Transport und Verarbeitung von Schüttgütern. Er dient und fördert den Meinungs- und Erfahrungsaustausch zwischen den Mitgliedern und unterrichtet über alle fachlich interessierenden Fragen.

Mit seiner breit gefächerten Palette an Weiterbildungsthemen gibt das HDT (Haus der Technik) seit über 90 Jahren die richtigen Impulse, um im Wettbewerb den entscheidenden Schritt voraus zu sein. Innovation durch schnellen Wissenstransfer – dazu gehören klassische Seminare, Workshops und Tagungen ebenso wie die unter der Marke hdt+ gebündelten digitalen Veranstaltungen. Zertifizierte Lehrgänge runden das Angebot von Deutschlands ältestem technischen Weiterbildungsinstitut ab.

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